Are you mobile?

The answer to that question unfortunately has been no lately. The cops seized my whip when I caught my case and after impounding it they put a police hold on it, claiming that it was evidence. My people tried to get it out while I was still locked up and the tow company told them […]

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April 23rd, 2023

April 23rd. That’s Brooklyn’s birthday. She’s going to be 18 years old. That’s fucking crazy, I have an almost 18 year old child. It fucks me up that I lost all that time, that I missed so much. I wasn’t there for her first day of school, I didn’t ever help her with her homework. […]

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Failure to appear

I am absolutely 100% a flight risk. I’m not for sure on how many times I have missed court but my guess would be that I’m nearing 100. The judge, a couple of missed court dates before this told me that he thought I had about 75. I fucking hate court. It’s been a hate […]

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RIP Cody

So I found out tonight that a close friend, one who survived the test of time, past away last night in his bed. Foil next to the bed accompanied somewhere close by the guilty blu who slew my friend. This one fucked me up. I’m super sad. And right next to the sorrow, the grief, […]

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Water off a ducks back

I’ve always been pretty good at turning the other cheek, like water off a ducks back I just shrug off life’s disappointments like they mean nothing. Easy come easy go. I’ve had more then my fair share of disappointment and heartache. The universe has deemed my share to be above average so I no longer […]

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Hold Fast

Just so you know, I think you’re doing a fantastic job. I think you are beautiful and magical and wonderful. The world can be a cold shot. People suck. Society is flawed. Life can be rough. We all have piles of reasons why we could give up, why we could go left as fuck and […]

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3. 2. 1. Ka-boom.

I am a conundrum even to myself, maybe especially to myself. I’m a walking oxymoron. Yin and yang all built up into one. The smartest retard you’ll ever meet. The nicest asshole. The most logical lunatic. Insecure and cocky, confidently unsure of myself. I’m my own worst critic, much harder on myself then anyone would […]

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It takes no time and very little effort to be kind to people. Tell someone that they look good today. Compliment them on something in their lives. Their looks, their behavior, the way they do something. Acknowledge the energy they put into life, the special way they do things. Our humanity is dying. Society grows […]

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Generation Fucked

There is a grip of shit wrong with the kids now days, from their laziness to their indecision on whether or not they are boys or girls, and everywhere in between. I think, and this is coming from what people would call an abused child, that one of the, if not the biggest problem with […]

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Oh how the mighty have fallen

It’s a trip what can happen in a years time, how much can happen, how much can change. Same time of the year one year ago, my life is a complete flip. Where I was financially secure, more then doing ok last year, this year I’m hit. Broke as fuck, just barely getting along. Riddled […]

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