I’m a flexible thinking type of guy. Basically I agree that something is true, only until it is proved that it’s not. With that being said, everything is actually just an illusion. If everything is flexible, therefore making nothing actually real, then everything has to be an illusion. Time is an illusion. Distance is just […]

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Nihilism pt 2

So in that other blog I was talking about how everything is a loop, energy can’t be created or destroyed it must be transformed, so there’s no beginning, no end. Which from one viewpoint, my viewpoint one could argue that nothing really matters. If it’s groundhogs day and we are just gonna do it again […]

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Rest & Relaxation

Today is my last leg of this journey, my last day on this bus and to be honest it couldn’t have come soon enough. While Greyhound is probably not the very worst way to travel across the country it’s gotta be pretty close. The bus drivers on the way to Missouri weren’t all that bad […]

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The Oregon Trail

I used to love that game as a child. It was super simple having played it on those old school mac computers that we all had in school back in the day. The graphics were laughable compared to the graphic capabilities that we have today but to me back then they seemed magnificent. Looking back […]

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Home Sweet Home

My attention span is the size of a mustard seed making me super spontaneous and unpredictable. 2 days ago I was on a greyhound bus from Missouri, head home to Grant’s Pass Oregon. The bus was traveling through Colorado where I was to transfer buses in Denver to continue my journey home. Well I grew […]

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The Greyhound

I’ll start out by saying, Fuck Greyhound. This is only my third time riding on the Greyhound but in those three rides, Greyhound sucked. This trip started out with the little foreign bus driver chick tripping on me over me smoking to close to the bus, pointing at the other smokers like I’m stupid for […]

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And back again.

I’m thinking that when I get back to Oregon maybe I better see about riding a train somewhere. I mean in the last few weeks I’ve taken a plane and now I’m finishing up my cross-country bus trip, so only makes sense if the next one is by train. I have always had Gypsy blood, […]

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About that time

I’ve had a pretty good time on my vacation to Missouri so far. It’s been great to be with my friends again, I’ve missed them dearly. And their daughter Zoe is fucking rad so I’m stoked I finally got to meet her. I knew shortly after meeting Pizzy that he would always remain a part […]

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The downhill side

If my thinking is right I am now pretty close to halfway finished with my trip to Missouri. It has not lacked for excitement that’s for sure, but the Greyhound is always a pretty lively cast of characters and Greyhound bus stations are almost always located if rough parts of town that are littered with […]

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