Can I get a dollar?

The government is a racket. Suit and tie wearing con-men and thieves. Welcome to The United States of America Inc. Gluttony and greed at its finest. This shit is all about money, about gold. America the great? Ha When were we great? Please explain to me what we have done that makes us great? We’ve […]

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And back again.

I’m thinking that when I get back to Oregon maybe I better see about riding a train somewhere. I mean in the last few weeks I’ve taken a plane and now I’m finishing up my cross-country bus trip, so only makes sense if the next one is by train. I have always had Gypsy blood, […]

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The Good Son

I swear to god, I’m at least 2 different people. Probably a lot more. Everything about me is a contradiction. The nicest asshole. Smartest retard. Everything has to sides and I understand balance but I don’t think this is what they were talking about. I love and hate at the same time. I vibrate from […]

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