Battle Lust

My time management is trash. I can’t seem to pull it together. It’s almost like I’m stuck in molasses, like I’m living life in slow motion at times. I make plans and I truly do intend to stick to the plan but as things happen shit changes and the ETA steadily drifts further from itsContinue reading “Battle Lust”

Fire Tornadoes sent from God

I would never tell you that being in my life was ever gonna be easy. And I can’t honestly tell you that it is even gonna be worth it. In fact I will guarantee problems. I’m not an easy person to deal with. I’m abrasive and unfiltered. Brutally raw. There will be problems. My middleContinue reading “Fire Tornadoes sent from God”


I’m a flexible thinking type of guy. Basically I agree that something is true, only until it is proved that it’s not. With that being said, everything is actually just an illusion. If everything is flexible, therefore making nothing actually real, then everything has to be an illusion. Time is an illusion. Distance is justContinue reading “Illusions”

More often than not

So when I was a kid, one of my girlfriend’s friend told her, “If you hang out with dogs you’re gonna get fleas.” That shit pissed me off. Like fuck you bitch I’m not no dog. But with time comes hindsight, and looking back it looks a little different, and while that bitch can stillContinue reading “More often than not”

We don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn.

A year ago, during the driest time of the year, some maniac went along the bike path and every certain distance, he would set a fire. He set a bunch of fires, I think the homie said like 5 but I’d be willing to bet more then that, a fire raging through town/city to town/cityContinue reading “We don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn.”

Nihilism pt 2

So in that other blog I was talking about how everything is a loop, energy can’t be created or destroyed it must be transformed, so there’s no beginning, no end. Which from one viewpoint, my viewpoint one could argue that nothing really matters. If it’s groundhogs day and we are just gonna do it againContinue reading “Nihilism pt 2”