Nihilism pt 2

So in that other blog I was talking about how everything is a loop, energy can’t be created or destroyed it must be transformed, so there’s no beginning, no end. Which from one viewpoint, my viewpoint one could argue that nothing really matters. If it’s groundhogs day and we are just gonna do it again […]

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Can I get a dollar?

The government is a racket. Suit and tie wearing con-men and thieves. Welcome to The United States of America Inc. Gluttony and greed at its finest. This shit is all about money, about gold. America the great? Ha When were we great? Please explain to me what we have done that makes us great? We’ve […]

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I’m a nihilist. I believe in science (to a certain extent), I believe that everything is energy, everything is just atoms firing upon each other. Energy can not be created and it can’t be destroyed. There was no beginning, there will be no end. It’s just an infinite loop, around and around and around. Meaning […]

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Rest & Relaxation

Today is my last leg of this journey, my last day on this bus and to be honest it couldn’t have come soon enough. While Greyhound is probably not the very worst way to travel across the country it’s gotta be pretty close. The bus drivers on the way to Missouri weren’t all that bad […]

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Where eagles dare

I’m imaginative, never have I lacked imagination or been considered dull. I’m about as far from dull as is possible. I’m impulsive and unpredictable. Spontaneous to the point of causing problems. While I like to think of myself as being reliable, I’m not. If I tell someone I’m gonna do something then chances are I […]

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I am nowhere near where I could or should be when it comes to being the best version of Jason that I can possibly be. Recently I’ve kinda just been stuck. I’m not a good guy, that’s not to say that I’m a bad guy either, I’m just not good. I’m never going to receive […]

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I fucking suck at feelings. I am, believe it or not, an extremely emotional person. I’m super sensitive. I feel everything. It’s just that I have absolutely no idea how to deal with them having spent most of my life running from them or burying them with drugs or alcohol. I never learned how to […]

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And back again.

I’m thinking that when I get back to Oregon maybe I better see about riding a train somewhere. I mean in the last few weeks I’ve taken a plane and now I’m finishing up my cross-country bus trip, so only makes sense if the next one is by train. I have always had Gypsy blood, […]

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Hard Knock Life

I like to say that the very first game I ever played was cops and robbers. I picked robber, and I’ve been playing ever since. I’m a legitimate anarchist, believing that there is nobody better suited to make my life decisions then I am myself. I’ve always been somewhat of a troublemaker, choosing unfortunately to […]

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