List three books that have had an impact on you. Why? Three books that had an impact on me and why huh? Well the first book would have to be the Bible. While I do not believe what the Bible says as far as the history of humans is concerned the general idea that they […]

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On the road

I love road trips, love being on the road. Just driving, no worries, no rush, just driving. I especially love driving without any direction, no destination. I love waking up in some weird ass position and getting out of the car to take a piss and as I rub the sleep from my eyes wonder, […]

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Who would you like to talk to soon? There is really only one person that I want to talk to yet have little chance that I will be able to talk to and that is my daughter Brooklyn. My parental rights for Brooklyn were terminated 14 years ago when she was nearly 4 years old. […]

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What’s one small improvement you can make in your life? There are probably a hundred different small improvements that I am make to better my life. I could be more compassionate, more humble. I could be more honest, less sercetive. I could create some boundaries in my life, protecting myself from being walked on and […]

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Share a story about someone who had a positive impact on your life. This one isn’t even close. There is nobody in my life that has had as positive of an impact on my life as my mother has, and nobody ever will. My mom is my real ride or die. She’s my number one […]

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43 year old freshman

What is your career plan? What do you motherfuckers know about me being a college freshman at the age of 43? Yup that’s right, Jason the Destroyer is going back to school. It started out as nothing really, someone told me that you could fill out some papers with the department of education and they […]

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