Fire Tornadoes sent from God

I would never tell you that being in my life was ever gonna be easy. And I can’t honestly tell you that it is even gonna be worth it. In fact I will guarantee problems. I’m not an easy person to deal with. I’m abrasive and unfiltered. Brutally raw. There will be problems. My middleContinue reading “Fire Tornadoes sent from God”


I’m a flexible thinking type of guy. Basically I agree that something is true, only until it is proved that it’s not. With that being said, everything is actually just an illusion. If everything is flexible, therefore making nothing actually real, then everything has to be an illusion. Time is an illusion. Distance is justContinue reading “Illusions”

Long Strange Trip it’s Been

My journey to active addiction began at the tender age of 8, where I took my first hit of weed. Now I know you’re gonna tell me that weed’s not a drug and I’m gonna stop you there by telling you I couldn’t agree more. But for me it’s not so much what, but why?Continue reading “Long Strange Trip it’s Been”