How do you feel about cold weather? I moved to the mountains of Colorado in 1983 and give or take a year here or there, I’ve lived there ever since. The area I live in isn’t a normal 4 season reality, instead it’s an eight months of winter mixed with 3 months of summer with […]

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On the road

I love road trips, love being on the road. Just driving, no worries, no rush, just driving. I especially love driving without any direction, no destination. I love waking up in some weird ass position and getting out of the car to take a piss and as I rub the sleep from my eyes wonder, […]

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The great outdoors

Have you ever been camping? I’ve been going camping for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and so I have tons of experience camping and hiking and pretty much doing anything outdoor related. As a child the presents that I received growing up were almost always related […]

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