A Friend with Weed

Marijuana is and always will be my “drug” of choice. I started smoking weed when I was 8 years old, which yes I agree, is almost definitely to early an age to start for a normal person. But I’m not normal. And I’m barely a person. For me, weed is absolutely medicine. I do, ofContinue reading “A Friend with Weed”

Living the Dream

My life hasn’t been the easiest. It hasn’t been puppy dogs and rainbows and shit. It’s been my experience that life isn’t fair and the world is a cold, unforgiving place full of suffering and pain. That’s not to say that my life has sucked, although it has at times, there have also been someContinue reading “Living the Dream”


Family ain’t always blood. In fact it’s been my experience that blood means very little to most so more often than not, your friends are more family then blood will ever be. That’s not to take away from the importance of blood and heritage. It’s just what it is. Today I’m on an adventure withContinue reading “Family”

Was there ever really a choice?

I understand that everything is just a matter of choices. Go this way, all these roads open, yet others are closed. It all just boils down to what did you choose to do? So I understand the concept of choice. But what if the universe is just peppering your life with a certain kind ofContinue reading “Was there ever really a choice?”


I’ll be coming out of the gas station, masked up of course, and I’ll see this car rolling through the gas islands. Just creeping by and I immediately feel like they are watching me or looking for me or following me. Like all over I get this feeling that everyone is suspect, everyone is shadyContinue reading “Paranoia”