Long story made short. I’m am a recovering addict and a former career criminal. A gang member, I’ve been in and out of trouble my entire life starting with juvy and followed by three separate state paid vacations to the joint. I’m spontaneous and unpredictable, my antisocial behavior and anarchist belief system, contributing all kinds of help to my continued troubles with the law. I am 41 years old now and I have two beautiful daughters, my mom is getting old, she had a stroke a few years back. Stupid as it sounds, I don’t mind being locked up, prison is no big deal, and my reputation, my standing in the eyes of the community? Well on that shit I’m hit. There’s no going back on all that. What’s done is done and it is what it is, so fuck it. But my mom, my daughters and a handful of other people deserve a better version of the Jason I’ve given so far. And for real? I’m tired as fuck. Gangbanging and drug slanging is not easy even in the slightest. It’s by far the most stressful, fast-paced, taxing job I’ve ever had. A job that I’ve sacrificed years and years of my life for. So although the saying goes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, we are still going to attempt to do just that. I’ve always been told what a great writer I was(which I’m not quite sure is true or not), always been encouraged to right a book, or to try and do something with this so called talent to make a living(again not so sure about this one either). I have zero idea what I’m doing. Zero. Although I’m highly intelligent, I am a highschool drop out, quitting that shit at 13 when I left home. I’m self taught in virtually every aspect of my life, so the terminology is foreign as is the concept of any of this. A blog? What the fuck is a blog? Freelance writing niches? What the fuck is a niche? I mean I googled that shit but what the fuck is my niche? An expert at something? Yeah drugs and crime. Is there a niche for that? Hard to say what’s gonna happen, not knowing. Guess we’ll find out.

Jason Sterner


I’m an unconventional writer. Self taught, my writing is a work in progress, filled with bluntness and profanity. Oftentimes inappropriate and offensive. I have no writing niche and honestly I’m not even sure what makes a blog a blog. What I Do

What I Do

  • I am a catalyst and a troublemaker. My writing is raw and unattractive at times, bordering on offensive/inappropriate.
  • I write whatever I want, however I want, whenever I want with absolutely no concern for your critique or opinion.