43 year old freshman

What is your career plan?

What do you motherfuckers know about me being a college freshman at the age of 43? Yup that’s right, Jason the Destroyer is going back to school. It started out as nothing really, someone told me that you could fill out some papers with the department of education and they would give you a bunch of money to go to school. I have kinda been stuck in my life lately, drifting through the storm that is my life with no real direction or destination. So this couldn’t have come at a better time. Well maybe that’s not true but I could definitely use this. I’m actually kind of excited about all of this, I’m looking forward to it. Granted, I haven’t been in school in like 30 years, give or take. And when I was last there, I fucking hated the place and could rarely be found there, choosing instead to spend my time on less constructive, more destructive activities. I was never a good student, not because I’m unintelligent but because I’m super antisocial and somewhat of a troublemaker. I don’t think that this one is gonna play out like that one at all. Back then it was torture to be forced to go to school, I hated going there. Hated the other kids. Hated the teachers. It was boring and uninspiring. This time I want to go. I’m excited about the classes that I’m enrolled to take. I’m looking forward to the challenge of it all. And 3 of the 4 classes that I’m taking are online which I can do at home or wherever I want to take them. I only have to go to one class in person, so that seriously lowers the chances of me getting into some kind of beef with another student. And the best a part of all of this, that paperwork that I filled out for the department of education, well that was the fafsa paperwork I filled out which got me a financial aid package from CMC for a grand total of $17,300. Now granted, that number gets split in half, giving me the first half this semester and the second half next semester, but that’s almost $9, 000 each semester and my tuition is only $2,300 a semester. And $13,895 of that money I don’t have to pay back, it’s free money. I only gotta payback $3,500. And I don’t have to start paying that back until 6 months after I finish going to school, and my payments are only $76 a month. Dude that’s easy as fuck. I can fart $76 a month. And another bonus is that I’ve been out of school so long I don’t have to take any ACTs or SATs, no testing whatsoever. I’m grandfathered in. Dope. I’m ready to go.

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