The great outdoors

Have you ever been camping?

I’ve been going camping for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and so I have tons of experience camping and hiking and pretty much doing anything outdoor related. As a child the presents that I received growing up were almost always related to some kind of outdoor activity. Tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, backpacking paraphernalia. Anything you needed to backpack and camp, chances are I had it and it was always top of the line. I’ve been camping all over the country from one coast to the other. My dad was self-proclaimed outdoorsman, he couldn’t get enough of the wilderness. On top of that my parents forced me to be a boyscout at an early age and so that instilled even more love for the outdoors in me. Over the last year or so I have been growing my collection of camping/hiking equipment and I’ve got to a point where I’m decked the fuck out. You name it and chances are I’ve got it. I have 2 badass backpacks, 3 backpacking tents, 2 2-man tents and a 1-man. All 3 tents ultralight and top of the line, the cheapest one is worth over $250. I’ve got 2 sleeping bags, one rated to -20° and the other rated to 20°. I have 2 sleeping pads and an ultralight cot. I’ve got 2 campstoves and 2 mess kits, flashlights and lanterns. I’ve got a camping shower, yeti coolers. I’ve got a sick hammock that comes with a bug net and an overhanging tarp. Hiking boots and wilderness clothing. I got 2 water purifiers. Knives, a hatchet, a camping shovel, maps and 2 compasses. I’ve got a telescoping fishing pole and tackle. You name it and I more then likely have it, and in fact I’ve probably got 2 of them. All in all I’ve probably got $4,000 maybe $5,000 worth of camping equipment. If you ever want to go camping, I’m your man.

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