Vices and virtues

Back in the day, a good habit was called a virture and bad habits were called vices. I mean I guess they still are, the vice part anyways. Maybe people just don’t have as many good habits these days. Normal people anyways. Me personally, I’m chock-full of both. I’ve got more then my share of vices, having acquired addictions to just about anything you can be addicted to. Drugs, booze, sex, gambling, gang banging and drug slanging. You name it, I’ve tried it and more then likely liked it. It’s not that I’m a bad guy so much as I just like doing bad guy shit because if we were to weigh my vices against my virtues, the virtues would win by a long shot. I’m not a normal person. I am sure people say this all the time but I’m not just talking that shit I’m living it. I know I’m not the only one cause I have met others but I’m one of the only drug dealers you might ever meet with a code of conduct. I have never sold drugs to kids, except when I was one myself. I’ve never allowed a female to pay for drugs with sex. I’ve never sold drugs to someone who was pregnant and I often talk down drugs and the whole lifestyle hoping to save people some pain. I never ripped anybody off, always selling a gòod product for a decent price. OK wait, strike that, I’ve ripped 2 people off but both people I had beef with and after telling them more then once that I couldn’t stand them and would t be getting them shit, both those dumb motherfuckers still kept asking and I eventually needed the money, so I cracked both of them in the mouth with it. But I never ran and hid, never pretending that I did anything but rip their dumb asses off. Although I’m a pirate and a glorious one at that, I don’t steal from people instead choosing to take aim at big businesses and corporate greed. I’ve never turned my back on someone in need of help, regardless of whether or not I liked them. I never ratted on anyone in my life, I’ve actually taken cases for people. I would never call the cops on anybody for anything. Never tried to blame someone for things that were mine, never dodged my responsibility. I can keep a secret, I don’t spread rumors. My work ethic is on point I work hard at everything I do. I have cheated, I’ve told some lies. I’m kind of a snapcase and my temper isn’t always in check. There’s been times where I should have kept my mouth shut instead of being the asshole that I’ve been but if I catch you slipping you can count on me saying some shit. As a child I could be a bully I have definitely not always been polite or nice. But my heart is huge, my love is true and as a man, my word is my bond. I have nothing that I am ashamed of, not one fucking thing. Not all my moves were the right ones but I believed them to be at the time and given the chance to do them over I’d do them exactly the same. I am a good son, a good father given the chance and I was a good husband as well. I may not be the best boyfriend but I’m nowhere close to the worst. And while I am not a good man I’m an exceptionally solid dude who can be trusted and relied upon to always be me. Although villainized I have never been the villain and at times I’ve absolutely rolled out my cape and been a hero more then once. I’m, for the most part honest and compassionate, I have a certain amount of integrity and I’ve got character for days. I am confident in my abilities and have pretty much zero fear so if I’m needed I will be there. So when it’s all said and done and they go to tally up the score, I will sleep soundly with the knowledge that I gave it my all. Regardless of what you have heard or think that you may know on my very worst day I’ve been better then lots on their very best. I won’t win a popularity contest, I’m nothing close to a role model. Have zero desire to join the Kool kids klub, and I care absolutely nothing about whether you agree or not. I need zero validation from anyone to prove things I know to be true and care nothing about your feelings towards me or the shit that I do. The status quo means nothing to me, popular opinion is a joke. I have heard the rumors and stories told about me and the shit that I’ve done and they just make me laugh. Not one of you has lived this life, never felt as I’ve felt in the moments I felt them. Humility will never be one of my virtues, I will never be meek, never be modest, I’m neither. I’m a glorious pirate king, a gangster through and through, there will be stories written about me, a legend I will be. I’m not leaving footprints, I’m leaving motherfucking craters when I’m gone. You will feel what you feel about me, like me? Hate me? You sure the fuck will remember me, I bet you that. Quietly into nothing will I ever go. I’m going out as loud and violent and memorable as I can possibly be. If I am gonna have to die which I’ll tell you right now I’m not 100% sure of, but if I gotta die then you better believe that I ain’t dying for nothing. Believe that.

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