How do you unwind after a demanding day?

I don’t even know what that means? Is that actually a thing? Unwinding? I’m pretty sure that I just get twisted even tighter all the time. The very few times that I was able to actually unwind it was always quickly followed by some kind of bullshit which took away from any kind of benefit it had gained, so yeah, there’s little chance of me fucking unwinding. I was high strung at birth. I rarely sleep more then 4 hours a day and I’m constantly on the move. I can’t sit still, or maybe it’s I won’t. I am always thinking about like 10 different things at once. I’m manic as fuck, and I’m constantly wrecked with anxiety. I haven’t truly been able to unwind in I don’t even fucking know how long? Maybe 14 years but probably never. I can’t honestly say if I have ever been able to unwind. Just getting twisted tighter and tighter since the rip. And I’m pretty tight but I can get tighter. Fortitude is a virtue I’ve got plenty of, I can wond it tight as fuck before it finally snaps, tight as fuck. I mean unless someone has some answers that I’m failing to see. It’s not as if I wouldn’t want to unwind, it’s that I can’t, or I won’t. Both answers bring us to the same spot so…

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