Making something out of it.

One of my goal, one which has been born in recent years, is to aquire some kind of writing profession that I can turn into a career. Something that I can make enough money to not have to have second job. I know that eventually I’m gonna make some money on some books that I’ll write but I’m gonna need to find something else that has a more guaranteed income. I goggle how to become a writer and it says write, write, write, start a blog which I’ve done and then try and guest blog on another blog. My question is how do I do this? What is the process to guest blog? What are the requirements? How exactly do I make money writing? I’m kind of at a lose as to where to even begin or how to begin? But I have no shortage of determination and desire. And I have more then enough talent to get pretty much any kind of writing job done. Also, how does one catch a break in this department? What is the blueprint? How do you even connect with a publisher?

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