Higher Education

Describe something you learned in high school.

Hahahahahahahaha. I never learned a goddamn thing once I got to high school. I can honestly say that 3rd or 4th grade was probably the last grade where those motherfuckers taught me shit. Reading and numbers. Those are the only things I ever learned in school. I could have realistically dropped out in the 4th grade and I’d have been the same as dropping out in the 9th grade. By that point I’d been spinning my wheels for years, getting absolutely nothing out of going to school so when I finally was able to quit that shit I didn’t lose out on anything. School, at least for me was a fucking joke. I’ve got an extremely high IQ so school was never hard for me, at least on the academic level. What was hard for me was the social aspect of school. I grew up in a rich community but my family wasn’t rich. My dad was a house painter and my mom was a janitor for the school district so while we weren’t rich we weren’t poor either. We probably landed right in the middle class section but because of the community that we lived in, in the eyes of the actual rich kids, we were poor. My dad had a year when I was growing up where he made $150,000 in a year so by no means were we poor. But in the eyes of the spoiled brats I grew up with, with my dad painting house and my mom being a janitor, and the fact that I grew up living in a trailer, we were poor white trash. That was never actually true but since I got classified as trailer trash, and looked down upon by all the rich kids, I figured if you motherfuckers want me to be white trash then ok I will be white trash. And although my parents were never poor and neither one of them nor my sister were ever white trash, I owned that shit. I made myself into high class white trash. An antisocial butterfly. An angst filled trainwreck. You know what I learned in high school? I learned that people suck. I learned that money rules the world. I learned that you couldn’t be hurt, emotionally at least if you didn’t give a fuck about what anybody else thought.

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