I live in the mountains of Colorado and have for pretty much my entire life. Colorado, at least up in the mountains where I live does not have four seasons like most places do. Instead we have about 8 months of winter, to go with about 3 months of summer. The last month is split up with about a week for spring and about 3 weeks of leaf changing fall. We don’t get the pleasure of watching the plants bursting through the soil and beginning to work towards blossom. No instead we go to sleep to winter and then when we wake up it’s over. The landscape is still covered in snow, because let’s face it, that’s a lot of fucking snow and it’s going to take a minute for it all to melt, but it’s no longer winter, you can feel it. So this must be the week of spring. I can’t even begin to explain exactly what the ending of winter does for me. It’s like refreshing dose of hope and excitement. I fucking love the summer and all warm weather for that matter. I’ve lived in the mountains of Colorado so fucking long that I am completely over the winter. I’m over snow and being cold. Tired of having to wear seven layers of clothing just to be comfortable walking a block. Over it. I’m ready for a place that legitimately has four seasons. I’ve had more then enough 8 month winters. The change in seasons has me thinking forward to adventures that I could have, to longer days spent outside, experiencing the magic and beauty of Mother Nature. Summer, for me, besides bringing warmer weather, brings with it happiness. It brings with it a joy and excitement that I have been lacking since the snow started falling last year. I’m sure, being as how this is Colorado we have probably not seen the last cold front or winter like weather, but they won’t stick because winter is motherfucking over. Bring on the summer.

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