How would you improve your community?

There are a hundred different things that we could do to improve our community, shit there’s probably thousands. It’s my opinion that our society is straight up fucked and because of that our communities are fucked up as well. It used to be that a community was basically a huge extended family. People would look out for each other, when someone found themselves in a jam, they could usually count on people in the community to help them out. That’s not how it is anymore. Now days if people find themselves in a jam they had better hope that they’ve got a solid family because the chances of them getting help from the community anymore are slim to none. The community is no longer your extended family. People used to know their next door neighbors pretty well, oftentimes considering them to be some of their best friends. If you needed help with something you could always go to your neighbors, whether it was help moving something or you need a ride somewhere. Maybe you’re gonna be out of town for a little while you could usually hit up your neighbors to look after your pets or water your plants. People would have summer bbqs and invite the whole block, the kids gathering together and running amok while the parents would get drunk. That really doesn’t happen anymore. People could live in their house for years and not know shit about the people living next to them. There are no longer summer bbqs and when there are it’s no longer a block party where the neighborhood is invited. No instead it is a select group invited, typically people from work or “friends” that have been around for years. The majority of people these days are detached, to a certain extent from society in general and so communities no longer even resemble what they used to. People no longer seem to care about each other anymore, instead they are completely self-absorbed, choosing to look out for themselves and ignore the needs of others. Back in the day communities would came together in times of need and now days this just isn’t so. So what would I do to improve my community? I mean what could I do? I think that in order to improve my community I would first need to become a part of it, which I am not. I have always been an outcast, a black sheep. My behavior and lifestyle has further alienated me, pushing me further outside of the circle. The only thing I can even think of to do would have to do with my writing. Maybe if I can get my writing out there more, then maybe I could speak to an audience that I don’t normally speak to. If I could get them to open up and read some of the shit that I’m writing then maybe they might see that although we live completely different lives, we aren’t actually all that much different on a primal level. We all go through the same pain and suffering. We share the same fears. If people could open up their opinionated, judgmental minds and soften their increasingly hardening hearts we might be able to make improvements on the community. But I’m not gonna hold my breath.

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