Ink Therapy

What tattoo do you want and where would you put it?

I have a couple of tattoos that I’m trying to get. I’ve got one on my stomach, like on the pant line that I just got started by the homie but I was a little faded and fell out before I could get it finished. It’s a severed pigs head with a samurai sword buried in his dome, surrounded by pork chops and bacon. Then I bashed out my tattoo artist and haven’t talked to him since so I kinda need to get it finished before I worry about getting anything else. The tattoo that I really want to get next though is a rotten apple right in the middle of my throat that says “Momma Tried”. I’ve been wanting that tattoo for a hot minute though so if I don’t finish the pig’s head on my stomach first I’m gonna get the rotten apple. I’ve got a lot of tattoos, covering pretty much every part of my body, minus my face. I’ve got tattoos all over my back, tattoos on my legs. I’ve got both arms pretty much sleeved out and tattoos on both sides of my neck. I’ve got my sternum covered along with pieces on my chest and my stomach. My face is the only thing that hasn’t been touched. That’s why another tattoo that I would like to get is “Drink More Water” tattooed right on my face, I’m thinking like right underneath my eye on my cheek/orbital bone. This tattoo is still an idea though because pretty much everyone I know is against me getting this. Another face tattoo that I’m considering is above my eye it would say “Please”, then on my eyelid it would say “Help”, and then underneath my eye it would say “Me”. That way when my eyes are open it would say “Please Me” and when I get knocked out it would say “Please Help Me”. That shit would be funny. I’ve got other ideas, like a toe tag that says “Do not resuscitate”, maybe a chip on my shoulder.

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