Are you mobile?

The answer to that question unfortunately has been no lately. The cops seized my whip when I caught my case and after impounding it they put a police hold on it, claiming that it was evidence. My people tried to get it out while I was still locked up and the tow company told them that they weren’t going to be able to get it out because the cops had a hold on it so tight that I wasn’t even allowed to go and get my possessions out of it. That was in September and after the few times that we tried to get it out and they told us the cops had a hold on it, nobody tried to inquire about it. Then in the beginning of February I got a letter delivered to the address that I was staying at from the tow company telling me that I owed them money for storing my truck since September, $40 a day. The letter had a number for me to call which I called. The lady who answered after some confusion explained to me that I owed them $6,600 for storing it since September, she told me that she would cut me a deal though and I could get it out right then for $1,500. I had no money at the time of this call but even if I had had the $1,500 I wouldn’t have given them that shit. How you gonna charge me storage fees when there’s a police hold on it and I can’t bond it out anyways? It’s been my experience that once the pigs put a hold on it, you weren’t going to be getting it back until after the conclusion of the case. Apparently that’s not a guarantee. So now I have a timeline for getting my truck back so long as I can stack some bread. Problem is, I’m broke as fuck. I need money for a lawyer as well and all things considered, I need a lawyer a lot more then I need a whip. My current court appointed public pretender is trash. Having told him more then once that I am not trying to take a deal and that I’m down to take it to the box if they don’t dismiss it, this motherfucker is worrying about making a mitigation report on me to try and lessen my sentence instead of worrying about winning my trial. I don’t think he was even listening to me when I mentioned that the pig at my arrest was the same pig who three weeks prior had his case against me dismissed over a 4th amendment violation, and now that motherfucker is pulling me over on some bullshit? I don’t think my lawyer has even really checked out my case. He’s not trying to do anything except get me a deal. Fact is, that motherfucker gets his paycheck from the same pen that signs the check for the DA. While he’s supposed to be my lawyer, supposed to work for me, he’s still an employee of the court and I have absolutely zero trust in him. He was my lawyer the last time that I went to prison, personally walking me straight to the gates of prison for a maxed out sentence after putting in no work whatsoever on my case, never getting me a lessened charge or a mitigated sentence. Nope, he did absolutely nothing for me, he didn’t even argue with the judge when he wrongly claimed that I wasn’t even eligible for probation when I definitely was. So when examining my financial situation, bonding my truck out is a priority, but not a top one. Fortunately, I am blessed with some great people in my life and hearing about my transportation issues a cousin of mine hit me up on Facebook. Apparently the man is not going to renew her drivers license due to her declining eyesight, claiming that she is borderline blind and a danger being the wheel. She is the owner of two vehicles, a Saturn and an Eddie Bauer edition Ford truck. She told me that she’s most likely not going to be able to put either back on the road and so if I’d like I could come and grab either one. She said she’d give me a bill of sale for a $1 and I could be on my way, claiming that it would make her day to give me a whip. The bad part is that she lives in Missouri so I will need to find a ride out there to pick it up, a 10/11 hour drive. So it looks like I’m gonna be going on a little road trip here pretty soon.

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