Generation Fucked

There is a grip of shit wrong with the kids now days, from their laziness to their indecision on whether or not they are boys or girls, and everywhere in between. I think, and this is coming from what people would call an abused child, that one of the, if not the biggest problem with kids now days is they don’t get their asses beat anymore. Shit kids aren’t even being spanked anymore, let alone having their asses handed to them, and it shows. I was a difficult child, very hand to handle, so hard in fact that nobody even tried after second or third grade. I was, strike that, I am a troublemaker. A catalyst for chaos. I took a shit ton of beatings as a kid, so many that I have no idea on the number of the times I got punched in my mouth. There was very little that could control Jason the Destroyer, actually nothing could control me but one thing that kinda kept me close was the knowledge that if I did do something that I wasn’t supposed to be doing and I got caught, I could almost guarantee that I was gonna catch one in the mouth from the old man. First off I wasn’t a rat like these soft ass kids we got running around right now days so I wasn’t gonna tell when I got beat up. The few times that someone did ask me I would just say that I fell down some stairs and that was as far as it ever went. Good enough excuse for them, who fucking cares that I lived in a trailer and always had, who cares that trailers don’t have the kind of stairs it was gonna take me to fall down in order to take that kind of damage. Nobody gave a shit. The way I looked at it was that these adults were just thinking, if he was my kid I would be whooping his ass too. But almost everything that I did, all the shit that I knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing, a big ass warning sign would pop up in my head screaming, are you really sure you want to be doing this? My answer was usually yes but it did make me think seriously about whether or not I should do whatever it was. It also was a huge teacher in the lesson respect. Of my elders mainly but it applied to everyone and so I at the age 10 knew more about respect then these kids know by 18, maybe 20/25. Nothing quite educates you like a solid punch right in your mouth. I also believe that you have never truly lived unless you have caught a beating, or at least been in a fight. Back in the day it was almost a guarantee that as a boy, by the time you graduated high school, you’d probably been in at least one fight. Not now. Now you could live your entire life without ever getting into one fight, which causes assholes to walk around running their mouths and treating people however they see fit to treat them, no fear of getting bashed out. This is not a good thing.

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