Enough is enough

At times I can be a slow learner. That mixed with the fact that I am loyal as fuck and I struggle to quit anything, lands me in shitty spots all the time. There’s this dude that I’ve known since I was 12. We met each other in juvy and being as how we were both from a small town and the only 2 from that town who were locked up there we automatically became friends. I’m a major fuck up, always getting into trouble, but this dude makes me look like a law abiding citizen with all the trouble he gets into. I’d have to say that he has probably spent 75 maybe 80% of his life locked behind bars. Never for anything serious or very bad but nonetheless he’s gotten caught enough to continuously spend his life in prison. It’s my opinion that the system really just doesn’t like him and so every chance they’ve had, and he’s given them plenty, they lock his ass up. It’s also my opinion that he never really stood a chance. So every time he has been released from custody he has managed to find his way to me, and since I’ve known him forever and I feel for the fact that he’s always getting the shit end of the stick, I’ve always welcomed him with open arms, giving him a place to stay, hooking him up with a job and clothing, and pretty much taken care of any needs that he may have. I’ve looked out for him since the day that we’ve met, putting up with all his bullshit and accepting all of the consequences that having him around has given me. I’ve never excepted anything in return for the kindness’s that I’ve given him instead only hoping to be rewarded with him finally pulling his head out of his ass and becoming the man that I believed that he could become. He still hasn’t gotten there and if anything he is now further away from being that man then he ever was before. I understand institutionalization and am well aware of the uphill battle that he’s fighting in order to get out of this vicious cycle of being in and out of prison. I have forever given him slack because I do know how hard what he needs to do is and so although he is always fucking up and getting sent back to prison I still take him in every time he gets out, regardless of the problems that doing so causes me. So this time he gets out after doing something short of 5 years and offer him some help again. This time unlike all the others he tells me that as much as he appreciates my offer he thinks that this time he’s gonna do what the man requires him to do and he’s going to try and go the right way. This makes me extremely proud and I tell him so, it takes a big man to swallow your pride and accept the demands that the system puts on a man upon his release for incarceration. Well a few days after he tells me this he calls me again crying telling me that his brother billy has just died and he needs me. Without hesitation I head to boulder to swoop him up and bring him home. One day, that’s all it took. The day after I pick him up he gets the police called on him for sleeping in my truck and instead of just cooperating with the pigs he becomes combative and pisses them off cause them to arrest him and in turn dragging me into his mess and getting me arrested as well. The case was fucked and they ended up eventually dropping all charges but only after I have to bond him out of jail and get him somewhere to stay. What this situation also does is put me under the radar of local law enforcement, allowing them an inside view of who I am and what I’m doing. Not to mention the fact that these pigs were forced to drop charges on me that at least in their opinion were pretty big charges, they looked at that situation like it was a big bust for them and losing it got them to feeling pretty salty. It made them have it out for me and it gave them a description of who I was and the vehicle I was driving and a hard on to “get” me. 3 weeks after the first situation the cops, recognizing my truck pulled me over on a bullshit DUI and once again violated my rights, tearing apart my truck and found a safe full of drugs. Obviously they arrested me and gave me the insanely high bond of $75,000 hoping to keep me from being able to bond out and fight the charges from the street. Believe me, I know that these are my charges and I am the one who ultimately put myself here, but the truth is those fucking pigs had no idea who I was or what I was doing and they definitely didn’t have any idea what I was driving. They also didn’t have any grudges towards me or reasons to look for me and a way to fuck me over. I didn’t give them that at all, that was absolutely mouse that gave them that shit. So take that out of the equation I still got a place to stay and the ability to build something for himself as long as he put in the work required to do so. This was over 2 months ago. In that time Mouse has managed to do absolutely nothing, he hasn’t even gotten himself clothing yet nstead choosing to steal mine when I went to jail and he stupidly assumed that I wouldn’t get out which in his peanut brain meant that my shit must be up for grabs. He initially had a job with a friend of mine but after weeks of proving that he was worthless at the job my friend had no choice but to cut him loose. He is a self proclaimed tattoo artist yet has done no tattoos and hasn’t even attempted to acquire anybody that would like a tattoo in the future, at least not from him. He brings no food back to the house yet still manages to eat 3 meals a day if not more. He’s got no money yet expects to be given cigarettes and gotten high. When I confront him about the situation, explaining to him the spot he has put me in and that I am being forced to remove him if he doesn’t figure something out immediately, he comes at me with some excuse or another never once taking accountability for his actions or lack there of. And even have been given an ultimatum of shit or get off the pot, this motherfucker has done nothing, believing that I’m bluffing and since I’ve always taken care of him there is no way that I will throw him out on his head. Well motherfucker jokes on you because we are literally days from your eviction out into a cold unforgiving world where nobody is going to carry you and coddle you until pull your head out of your ass. My last guck has been given. Get on before you get spit on

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