Rocks & Minerals

For 40 years I’ve lived in Colorado, give or take and for the entire time, up until about the last year I couldn’t give two fucks about rocks. Surround by all kinds of varieties of rocks gems and minerals and I was much more concerned with bangin and slangin. Then, I’m not really sure what happen but overnight I became consumed with curiosity about these things that prior to that moment seemed unimportant and boring, sure they are pretty, but my baby momma is gorgeous and one of if not the most toxic, ugly waste of time on the planet so how something looks has absolutely nothing to do with its worth. Just like I was wrong about my baby momma I was just as wrong about rocks, gems and minerals. I’ve caught something like gold fever except on a wider scale. I’ve only been building my collection for a short time, like 6 maybe 8 months and I already have a pretty awesome collection. I’ve got everything from tourmaline to pyrite. From amazonite to zebra jasper. I’ve got rocks that glow in the dark, rocks that glow in the black light, rocks of every shape and color. I got rocks for anxiety, for cleansing, for protection, for success and good luck. I got a rock for any of life’s situations. I have some rocks worth next to nothing yet look super cool and then I have rocks worth large sums of money(those also look super cool). And I have an unclenchable thirst for more. I’ll catch myself looking at rocks as I’m walking along, wondering what they are and if they have any value? I wonder how many times in all my travels that I just walked right past cool ass pieces, completely clueless to exactly what I’m passing. In this new life that I’m attempting to create I am gonna need normal healthy hobbies and interests, rockhounding and rocks is definitely gonna be high on that list.

Published by devilmonkey666

I'm a hot mess. A 41 year old child who still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. Or even if he wants to grow up for that matter. People say I'm a writer. I'm not so sure. But it is therapeutic and helps me from going all the way left sometimes.

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