Go figure

My truck had been the light at the end of the tunnel. It was my escape hatch, the thing I was gonna use to elevate myself out of this shit hole I manage to find myself in. Ever since I’ve got the truck I have been working on it, trying to shore it up, trying to get everything in line so that it’s running good and so I don’t find myself broke down on the side of the road somewhere. Every time I think that I’m close, just about to finish fixing something and having the truck at 100%, something else happens and I find myself in the exact some spot I started in. It’s never ending. As soon as I finish one thing I discover 2 more that need to be fixed. All I wanted was to be able to have air conditioning for those really hot days in really hot climates. Switched the air conditioning from R12 to whatever this use now and that ended up fucking my cooling systems. Now I can even fill the truck up with coolant because it just pours right back out. I thought that it was the water pump so I ordered a new water pump. Waited 2 days to get the part only to find out the new part was damaged so I had to go back and reorder the part. Got the new part and installed it and my truck is still leaking coolant, from where I have no idea. I’m not a mechanic. Not even close. With the help of YouTube I am able to fix my truck but I don’t have any idea what I am doing. I don’t understand how shit works so although I’m fixing shit, I’m not learning anything and I’m not making shit any easier to understand. What I do know is that I’m drifting further and further from being ok. I was trying to escape colorado before I caught another case but I failed, now I’m looking at a handful of new felony charges and who knows how many years in prison. Luckily I never finished this post having started it a couple weeks ago and ending up there. Since then, I’ve had a stroke of good luck and those dumb pigs having violated my 4th amendment rights they had to dismiss the charges against me and so I dodged a bullet there. But my truck remains fucked up cause when I was trying to put a gasket on the thermostat housing I ended up tightening the bolt to tight and so I cracked the housing where the bolt hole is into two pieces. I made an attempt to JB weld it yesterday and left it sitting so it could cure. I’m just about to see if that’s gonna do the trick but I have my suspicions that I’m gonna have to go to a pick and pull to get the part. It’s the thermostat housing. It is under a lot of pressure all the time with the coolant constantly flowing through it heating and cooling, I worry that JB weld may not be strong enough. Anyways, we will see. I’m crossing my fingers because my departure is way overdue and I need to get the fuck out of here. I lucked out with those pigs being so fucking dumb but I’m not counting on that ever happening again. I was days away from leaving, as I am right now and I got wrapped up quick as fuck. My entire future snatched up and tossed around like it weighed nothing, and it’s only police incompetence and a bit of luck that sprang me from its grasp. It just as easily could have gone the other way. And until I get out of here I risk the possibility of something similar happening. Crossing my fingers and trying to bring up all the positive vibrations I possibly can, that the things I need to line up, line up. If that happens I should be good.

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