I think I’ve always kinda liked to write. I remember when I first learned about the internet and my excitement over the opportunity to talk shit to people in far away places. Then when I got out of prison the first time and my buddy introduced me to Facebook, telling me I’d be able to use it to pull chick’s, I actually began my writing journey there. My first attempts at what I call Facebook puking were short, angry, and poorly written. My punctuation was nonexistent and they had a repetitive drunken theme. That is one of the things I like about Facebook, through it and its memories thing I am able to witness the progression of my writing. I’m a high school drop out and even when I did go I didn’t give them the time of day so anything I know chances are I taught myself. I taught myself punctuation and through trial and error learned to write. I am not a bad writer now, definitely room to improve but for all things considered, I’m pretty good. I think that a lot of it has to do with the way I write as opposed to what I’m writing about but what I write about definitely has its spot too. I recently had an experience on Facebook where I wrote some shit about being codependent and I got a comment on it from a girl I was in kindergarten with, until I dropped out. She complimented the writing, calling it beautiful, saying she felt the same as I did and my words could have been hers and that she might steal it. She ended it with something about failing at something and feeling bad for her and wanting to lighten her load I told her that her comment had made me feel less alone. Fast-forward an hour or two and I’m scrolling through Facebook and I see that she did in fact steal my post and post it on hers. At first I believed that she’d just copied and pasted my actual post but as I began to read I noticed that while they were goddamned close to my words, and some of them were exact, she had changed it. A little here, a little there and with minimal alteration my words became hers. This person. Is someone I haven’t seen in forever and when I had we probably didn’t say shit to each other besides possibly a hello. We were friendly but by no means were we friends. I’d always liked her and I think she had never had a problem with me but we just ran in different circles. She joined the military out of high school and became career military. Marrying another career military dude she had a family and at least for appearances sake looked like she was killing it. Me? Yeah I went a different route and without getting into any detail I will just say that I’m not living a life anywhere close to the one she is. Yet a post that I wrote. A post that came from somewhere inside of me about something I seriously feel strongly is causing problems in my life, can just be tweaked the tiniest bit and now it’s as if they are words written by her explaining her life. The fit her perfectly. It’s a trip. It’s kinda fucking me up. After reading her posted I commented telling her that I liked hers better and thanking her for the experience. Then I read all the comments on her post and saw that apparently there was a lot of people who could have taken my words and applied them to there lives. I wish I knew what to do about this whole thing because I feel like there are magic in those and opportunity as well. I just don’t know exactly what to do about it.

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