Glory Lives Forever

Unapologetically, I will stomp through this life in the only way that I know possible. People ask me why I do shit and the only thing I got is because. Or I don’t know. Its not that I don’t think things all the way through because I do. I see how bad of an idea it is. I see all of the shit that can and probably will go wrong just fine. Its not that I don’t see it, it’s that I don’t necessarily believe that that’s the way its gonna play out. I believe that I am magical and capable of anything once I wrap my mind around it and so I actually control all of the events in my life. I am completely accountable for every aspect of my life, one way or the other. This is all my doing. Sure I may have had plenty of help throughout life due to my interactions with others. Due to our worlds colliding. But ultimately the motherfucking buck stops here. I definitely didn’t think that I’d end up here when we started this whole trip. Never would of even guessed on some of the shit that’s happened to me its been so crazy at times. Never would of thought I’d think the things I now think. Or feel the ways I feel. I’ve changed a million times in a million ways, adapting and evolving, yet at the very same time, I’m exactly the same as I ever was, as I ever will be. I’ve lived a thousand lives in the span of a moment and for the most part I’ve lived as if I was all in. As if this was it, all or nothing. Say whatever the fuck you want about me but nobody will ever be able to deny that I was passionate. Nobody is gonna doubt my heart. I honestly don’t think that I chose this life, this life chose me. I was made for this shit. And so this is fate. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, exactly who I’m supposed to be. All those things that people consider as failures I just look at as steps on my path to glory. This is the world that I live in and so I am most definitely gonna live that shit to the fullest. Never trying to look back, no regrets. No fucks given. Dirt washes off. Pain goes away. Chicks dig scars. And glory? Motherfucker, glory lives forever.

Published by devilmonkey666

I'm a hot mess. A 41 year old child who still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. Or even if he wants to grow up for that matter. People say I'm a writer. I'm not so sure. But it is therapeutic and helps me from going all the way left sometimes.

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