Only as good as your word

It is pretty nuts the differences between one generation to the next. I understand that times are changing and so people will change too but what the fuck. Apparently I’m from a dying breed. A breed which knew what respect was, who weren’t completely lazy, entitled self-absorbed fucks. Not that I’m saying that everyone fits this mold but it’s damn close. I often catch myself wondering who raised these little fucks. In what time and place was it ever ok to be a piece of shit. I was raised to believe that you were only as good as your word. That if your word wasn’t shit then in turn, you weren’t shit. This doesn’t appear to be a thing anymore. Apparently you can say whatever you want, promise whatever you want and when it’s time to ante up, when it’s time to show up and do what you’d said you would do, ghosts. For me personally when I can’t do what I promised I could do, it tears me up. It makes me feel like a piece, regardless of why it is that I can’t do what I’d promised to do, no matter how legit the excuse, it still leaves me feeling bad. I hate to make excuses, regardless. It’s important to me that people know that 9 times out of 10 I am going to do exactly what I say I’m going to do. That I can be counted on to follow through with whatever I promise. I sometimes fall short, it’s inevitable but when I do I let a motherfucker know why I’m not following through and arrange for a time when I can come through. It bothers me to let people down, to leave them hanging. This is apparently not the case with most everybody else. It would appear that the majority of people out there could care less about doing what they say they’re going to do. Their word don’t mean shit to them because people don’t mean shit to them. Their interactions with me are purely self-centered, only fucking with me so they can get something that they want, which they can’t get on their own. People are quick as fuck to ask me for something, feeding me some bullshit about getting me back. Telling me shit like I’m not like those others, you can trust me, I promise. And I want to believe that they will get me back, that they aren’t like the rest of these worthless, selfish, low rent motherfuckers, that I can trust them. But time after time I’m proven to be dumb, or blind, or gullible. Time after time I’m shown that people, for the most part, are trash and they can’t be trusted to do anything but look after themselves. I’ve help more people then I can even remember, never once turning my back on one. I screw myself constantly, in order to help someone out, putting myself in a jam to pull someone out of one and what has it gotten me? Nothing. Not a God damnned thing. Actually it has gotten me something, it’s gotten me fucked over with an even shittier taste in my mouth. Further damaging my view of people and society as a whole. In the words of the band Slipknot, People=Shit.

Published by devilmonkey666

I'm a hot mess. A 41 year old child who still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. Or even if he wants to grow up for that matter. People say I'm a writer. I'm not so sure. But it is therapeutic and helps me from going all the way left sometimes.

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