Your loss

I am and probably always will be a trainwreck. Judged and misunderstood by most, I have never been one of the “cool kids”. Even through I have been well known I have not always been well liked. People find it easy to assume that they know about a motherfucker just because of the stories that they’ve heard. They find it easy to believe that given the same situations they would of handled them so much better. Making better choices and leading a different life. But the fact is, you have no fucking idea what someone else is going through, no clue about the shit that is going on inside a motherfuckers head. From the outside looking in it isnt hard at all to make stupid ass assumptions about the lives people live and the bullshit that they put themselves through. It’s easy to second guess a person’s choices and the mistakes that they’ve made. It takes no effort at all to pass judgment on someone and look down on them. It’s a whole lot harder to actually try and understand a person and the things that they do. It seems like people can’t be bothered with all that. It seems like people would just prefer to look down from their perch and talk shit and ridicule someone that they consider lower then themselves. This makes me sad. Do you know how many super rad people you are going to miss out on simply because you don’t bother trying to get to know them and maybe not understand who they are but at least except it? I can promise you it will be a lot. I’m not saying that you have to do this with all people because let’s be honest, there are some pretty shitty people out there, but how are you ever gonna truly know when your judgemental ass won’t even give a motherfucker a shot. Variety is the spice of life. Peoples differences is one of the things that gives this world its beauty. Why would you want to live in a world where everyone is exactly the same? Where we all think the same and act the same? Dress the same. Live in the exact same cookie cutter houses. Doing the exact same boring ass routine. Just marching through life awaiting the flash. Yeah, fuck that. I’m good on all that. I love that you are different from me. I’m glad that you don’t think the same way that I do. It’s lovely to hear you personal opinions. I cherish your different stories about the paths that led you to the people that you are today. I love the people you have become and had you not been built different, if you hadn’t had the lives you’ve had, then you wouldn’t be the people you are who I love so much. Fuck what they say. Fuck what they think. You are fucking rad. You are doing amazing and I’m super proud of you. You are made from star dust and never forget that.

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