I have a tattoo on my neck of a timebomb. I got it because, one day I was at work and there was this altercation between these two dudes. One was this really nice old hippie dude and the other this weirdo named Russ who was always pissed off about something, always bitching and moaning. Russ was tripping on this hippie over some made up shit and decided to put his hands on him. The hippie, one of the nicest people you could meet was not a fighter, I couldn’t even imagine and Russ knew that shit. He was just trying to bully this dude and I don’t like bullies, plus I like to fight, so quick as shit I was out of my seat, grabbing Russ by his throat and choke slamming his ass on the ground. That’s all I did, besides talk some shit. I just wanted to let him know that I thought he was being an asshole and that he wasn’t going to be putting hands on people without hands being put on him. The rest of the day at work was awkward cause Russ was all salty but when I asked the room what I should get for a tattoo, it was Russ who said I should get a timebomb. He said I was a snapcase, quick as fuck to fly off and snap. He said that I was dangerous, that I have problems. I mean he wasn’t wrong. I think I was born angry and looking for a fight. My dad was the biggest prick you ever could of met. He was angry as fuck all the time and I was washed with it daily. I am my father’s son. I won’t walk by someone talking shit, I will always turn around and ask a motherfucker what they just said. I like to fight, in fact that’s my favorite part about prison, you can fight and nobody is gonna tell. The problem is that I’m always so eager to fight that I sometimes cause problems where there was none to begin with. I have grown up a little with all this aging and I’m a whole lot better then I was when I was younger, as a kid I was just as likely to punch you in the face as I was to say hello. But as an adult I can take a little step back (sometimes) to look at the bigger picture and I’m not so quick to lose it. Unless I feel like you’re trying to act aggressive, if I sense aggression I match it with aggression and double down on that shit. I’m a smash out and ask questions later type of guy. I don’t believe that you’ve ever truly lived unless you have been in a fight and I believe that everyone has it coming. Nobody is above getting their ass kicked and sometimes that’s all that there is left to do. I think that’s one of the major problems that we face today, our kids ain’t getting their asses whooped and so they know no respect. Fear is a good teacher for respect. I learned to respect people for fear of getting my ass kicked. These kids now days have zero fear of their parents. In fact the parents are scared of the kids, of them snitching them out to cps and losing custody. Kids know that they can get away with pretty much everything and that gives them a false sense of security which makes them even more ignorant and misguided, dooming our future even further. Violence is part of the problem but it’s a solution to that same problem as well. It’s a human trait, something that we are born with or born to, but regardless it’s what we do. It’s what we know. And it’s one hell of a strong teacher when it comes to life experiences if your into learning lessons.

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