Progressive House

I had never even heard of progressive house. I have always talked shit on house music, never liking any of the music introduced to me as house music. I always thought that Deadmau5 was dubstep. Turns out he is considered the King of Progressive House. Turns out I do like house music, as long as it’s progressive at least. I went to my second concert at Red Rocks in the last months. My second EDM concert. The first one was Allison Wonderland about a month ago, which was rad. I’m gonna have to say that Deadmau5 was better though. There is definitely something to electronic music played live, especially at a venue like Red Rocks. The way that the bass vibrates off of the red rock cliffs that give the place its name is spectacular. I feel like you could easily not buy a ticket and still go and enjoy the music by just chilling outside the gates. You would miss the light show though and the light show at Deadmau5 was top notch. The dude was wearing this big ass mouse head, equipped with neon green, led eyes. Seeing that giant mouse tearing up that Colorado night was something I’ll remember till my dying days, even though I ended up going by myself. Maybe even more so. Anyways, you can know officially call me a fan of progressive house and even more of a fan of Deadmau5.

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