Halloween has always been o e of my favorite holidays. Besides the fact that it’s usually snowing by or around Halloween and pretty much signals the coming of winter, I like everything about Halloween. The costumes. Beautiful women dressed slutty as fuck, wearing little to no clothing whatsoever. Free candy. It’s considered an evil pagan holiday so I like that, there’s no God leaching off of this one. It’s just a cool holiday which I’ve almost always enjoyed celebrating. Since I don’t have my kids anymore, since I’m no longer really into the party scene and since I rarely have a girl that is trying to drag me out to social situations Halloween has become a rather boring holiday for me. I don’t dress up. I’ve been going as a drug dealer for as long as I can remember, requiring me only to roll out of bed and wear whatever it is I would normally wear for the day. It’s an easy costume, not a lot of thought put I to it. Sometimes things change and what was once acceptable to you or longer is. Things that used to mean jack shit to me now have a little importance, they now hold appeal and I urge to experience them. So tonight I guess we are gonna try and go to a haunted house. I don’t believe in haunted houses or ghosts but I do enjoy a good scare. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

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