9 months of winter

I’m not gonna get out before winter. It’s already snowed a handful of times and it’s regularly cold as fuck. I have lived in the mountains of Colorado for about 40 years, give or take. 40 years of winter with a few months of summer thrown in there so as not to be completely bleek and depressing, but for the most part it’s been winter. Cold, lonely, breathtakingly beautiful, depressing.  Just as you’re really getting comfortable with warmth, bam. Cold as fuck. I’m a skinny motherfucker and so I have no blubber to keep me warm. Even with layers I sometimes am cold. I’m over all that winter shit, I have been for years. I could care less about riding or skiing anymore, I hold ski resorts like Breckenridge and Vail in contempt. I think that they are corporate scum and that they ruin small towns. The fact that it cost over $200 for a lift ticket for only one day is ridiculous, so I have no problem telling winter sports to fuck off. When I decided to come back to Colorado temporarily to get myself a new whip, my plan had been to be in and out. Gather up the funds as quickly as possible and be out of here before the first snow fell. That’s why I hate plans and try to avoid them at all costs, cause they always get fucked up. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a plan go as I had hoped it would, usually going every way but. So months after I arrived here to gather funds, I sit here with empty pockets, nowhere closer to getting a whip then I was when I got here. I’ve pissed away enough money to buy 2 cars since I got here, allowing my priorities to get all fucked up and wasting my time and energy on dreams and memories. I’m hoping that I’ve got my priorities adjusted better now, or I at least feel like I’ve removed my head from my ass so I can attempt to adjust said priorities. Regardless, it would appear that I may be spending one last winter freezing my balls off in the cold ass snow covered mountains of Colorado.

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