Happy Birthday

This is the one year anniversary of the creation of my blog. It sure doesn’t seem like it’s been a year. I started this blog because I’ve grown tried of my life and I wanted and still want to do something else with it. Everyone is always telling me to write a book and I’ve come to think of myself as some kind of writer so I was hoping to figure out how to turn it into some kind of a job. I was wanting to turn it into something profitable, allowing me to stop what I am doing to make money and take off in a new direction. I had and still have no idea how to accomplish this so I Googled how someone becomes a writer and Google told me to write, write, write. Google says that I should start a blog and discover a niche to focus on. They said that having a blog will help me get my name out there and through it I should try and guest blog on other blogs, which will further grow my name. So I started the blog and I wrote, wrote, wrote. At least for a while I did. I wrote on this blog. I started a journal and wrote in it daily. I even started writing a book. And for a good hot minute I wrote, wrote, wrote, filling a notebook with journal entries, writing over 30,000 words on my book, and I don’t know how many blog post I wrote but there’s a grip. Then I crashed my truck and fucked myself up. Physically and mentally. And since then I haven’t wrote much of anything, at least not like I was or like Google says I should be. I lost the journal in the accident, along with everything else that I had. Getting kicked out of my place after I lost my truck made gathering my belongings pretty much impossible. What? Was I supposed to strap my shit to my back and lug it around with me? So I lost my laptop along with all my other possessions and I haven’t worked on my book but a handful of times since. My blog is the only thing that survived the crash and that’s just barely cause I’ve probably only wrote 6 maybe 7 posts since the wreck. Regardless, Google’s advice as to how I can become a professional writer didn’t work out for me anyways. I didn’t grow my audience any bigger then it was, I feel like I get more people to read my shit on Facebook then I do on here. I didn’t guest blog on anybody else’s blog. I don’t even know how to go about doing all that. I have no idea why anyone would even want me to guest blog, or even what guest blogging actually even means. I’m no closer to being a professional writer then I was a year ago and I’ve got just as much a chance at being a professional bull rider as I do a writer anymore. I guess I should take this one year anniversary and use it to look at the bigger picture. What is it that I actually want to do with all of this? Am I really a writer? Do I actually even have a chance to do something with all of this or should I just keep my day job and stop wasting my time daydreaming.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Jason fucking sterner is your name and i know that you are probably the smartest person i have ever met. You are a writer i read you shit alot and love it puts a smile on my face. Hey just cause google says something doesn’t make it the only way be the jason that doesn’t conform to non non- conformity.


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