Unrealistic Expectations

I’ve learned in my 42 years of chaos that you can’t expect people to be good to you just cause you’re good to them. You can’t count on much of anything anymore. It used to be, a person word meant something to them. I grew up with the delusion that a man was only as good as his word. That they could steal pretty much everything from you. Your health, your freedom, your statue, your family. They can even steal your life. But not your word. Your word was the only thing that you truly owned. Is the only thing that you truly own. But now days we don’t give a fuck about our word. Honor and integrity are a rare thing anymore, with people being much more concerned with themselves and their own security then with the death of our humanity and the decay of our goodness. People walk past people in need of help all the time, allowing innocent people to be robbed or beaten or killed, without even a glance. Justifying it to themselves with it not being their business yet arguing over whether or not a chick should get an abortion. Y’all are drunk as fuck and to be completely honest, y’all are soft as fuck. If I was a betting man, which I am, I’d be willing to bet that probably 60% maybe 70% of this younger generation, has never been in a fight. Never gotten their ass whooped. It is my opinion that the youth of our nation are soft as fuck. They are spoiled little entitled fucks with absolutely zero connection to the real world. They are lazy as fuck, never wanting to work and when they do work, giving a half assed effort while carrying a piss poor attitude. The are quick to point out the flaws and problems of ours yet never even looking at the mess of a fuck that they are themselves, instead seeing themselves as woke and enlightened. Declaring themselves savage because of some bullshit they did on social media, in their parents home from behind a computer screen to someone 1000’s of miles away. If these little shit are our future them we are in a world of hurt.

One thought on “Unrealistic Expectations

  1. A – fucking – men brother! Our generation is the last of our kind. Shit, half of our generation are a bunch of pussies too. I don’t give a fuck what people think about me or what bullshit rumor is going around town involving me. As long as I know I didn’t do anyone wrong at the end of the day, I have a clean conscience & can sleep at night. Well, maybe not sleep but conscience is clean. Lol. All the pussies are worried about is what everyone else thinks & how they look in everyone else’s eyes. Think I got the feelings in my mind translated into words you can read correctly, not as easy as one would think but maybe not. Bottom line, younger generation = pussies


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