My homeboy told me that my plants will never reach their full potential because I have them potted and not planted in the earth. He’s not a hippie and he’s not some tree hugger or some naturalistic weirdo. Dudes a straight criminal, pretty gangster type motherfucker. I mean the dude taught me how to pick a lock and I probably learned more about the ins and outs of stealing a car. But he also knew about growing weed so I’m gonna take his advice, at least with this girl and I’m gonna put her in the ground. This is the pure Kush stain that I got last that I said was probably gonna die. I was wrong and she appears to be doing nicely but she’s still little and I’ve only got about a month and a have maybe less until the sun is going to be flowering my plants so I need them to get as much mass as I can get out of them. I’m hoping that planting this girl, combined with her already proven will to survive, will be just what she needs. And it tests the homies theory. It makes sense to me, being planted and rooted to the earth gives you a certain kind of connection, especially to all things natural. I sometimes like to take off my shoes and socks when I’m tripping acid cause I feel it gives me a different kind of trip, a more connected one. So I feel like there is magic here. And magic basically means strength so it should be good, possibly the best course of action but it won’t be bad regardless. I’m thinking about doing the same to her sister, who I got on the same day. She’s still smallish as well and I think she could benefit as well but I need more soil so she’s gonna wait. Gives he the option of changing my mind, at least until I can afford the dirt.

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