Our future

If the way that we fix the future is through our youth then I got the feeling that we are fucked. The youth of our nation are a bunch of soft ass, entitled, disrespectful, little fucks. So unsure of themselves that they don’t even know which gender to identify with, inventing new genders just for the fuck of it. Confused little fucks don’t even have a clue. And we just feed into that shit, allowing them to get more outlandish and crazy with their list of demands. It’s cause you can’t hit your kids anymore. My dad was a prick. He wouldn’t hesitate to tee off on me, knocking out teeth numerous times throughout my childhood. While at times it was absolutely abuse, it was at all times a lesson. A life lesson even. And a lesson that these kids now days aren’t getting at all. I believe this to be a disservice, to everybody involved. To the parents of these soiled little shits, who feel cornered into parenting due to fear that the man will come in and take away your kids. To the kids themselves who grow up believing themselves to be somehow special and above certain things in life, and get a cold ass reckoning when they discover a reality much different from the one they’ve been living. To the society that has to pick up the bill for generations of bad parenting. I’m sure it’s not that easy. I’m sure there’s a plethora of problems that have led us to this point. But I don’t see this problem doing anything but getting worse. I’m just retardedly pointing out the obvious here though. I don’t know how you would fix it. I am a great father, but I’m probably a pretty shitty parent. I’m definitely not a role model.

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