Travel Day

So at the very last minute with very little preparation or notice or planing, I decided that I’m gonna go and see Zed’s Dead at Red Rocks for the 4th of July. The show is sold old and I don’t have a ticket but that’s of little concern with my knowledge of the universe and a basic understanding of its workings. I just have to do my part, everything else will work itself out. One way or the other. Broke. No direction. Very little ambition. The smallest amount of stability but that’s only cause my homie James, thankfully, thrusts it upon me. I got no responsibilities. No dreams. No anchor. Free to drift wherever it may be. Which is good and bad. So today I drift to Portland, to catch a plane at 12:30 am bound for a 4:30 am arrival in Denver. Nobody picking me up. Which I’m absolutely fine with, I like the train. And nowhere set up to stay. Once again, all gravy. If I’m nothing I am resourceful. I’m charismatic, and crazily enough, approachable. I’m gonna be just fine. But it was a rather rash decision. Poorly thought out mainly due to finances but still a little reckless. I do really want to see Zed’s Dead at Red Rock on the 4th though. And so I sit at a 7-11 just outside of Portland, lookinto at my bank app on my phone and wondering how the fuck this is gonna happen, I can’t help but be excited for Zed’s Dead. They are some of my favorite DJ’s and live music is live music. Not for one second do I doubt that I will be at that show, ticket or no ticket, faith is important and I have faith in my own will power and determination. Anything that I’ve ever wanted, I’ve gotten it. Anything I wanted to do, I did it. I’m not bullshitting when I say I’m unstoppable. Only thing that can stop me is me. So in case I’m caught up in the moment and don’t get a chance, Happy 4th of July. Fuck the American government. Viva la Revolution.

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