Farm living is the life for me…

I really kinda am a farmer. Like a white trash, trailer park, weed growing farmer, that has a tendency to gangbang and drug slang. And doesn’t get to farm as much due to the fact that prisons are made from concrete. Although this last time I went to prison I was working at the prison dairy, milking 720 cows a day, 6 days a week. Please tell me I’m not a farmer, and like a farmer I will fight you to defend my honor. And just cause I like to fight.When I do get the chance to farm the land, my thumbs turn green as fuck, cause I’m a motherfucking plant whisperer. I’m no stranger to hard work. I will keep up with or outwork more people then not. Size, age, don’t mean shit, I can fucking work. And I love this outdoors shit. Granted it’s hotter then fuck, but it beats snow any day so I think I’m gonna like this farmer life shit. We better eat one of them turkeys.

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