The Truth

I like to say that the only thing that I do know, is that I don’t know nothing. And this is true, because life is flexible, everything is flexible. But I don know a couple things. Number one, everything is just energy and vibrations, frequencies. Everything is just atoms firing on each other. Number 2, energy being what it is cannot be created or destroyed, only transfered. Therefore there is no death, not really. And if there is no death how can there be life? There can’t. Everything is balance, that’s number 3. There can’t be one without the other. Night and day, white and black, male and female, up and down. There is balance in everything. Granted it is often heavy as fuck in certain areas, it is still balanced out due to something elses deficiency. So by that thinking everything is actually serving is purpose because as I also like to say, it takes all kinds. Might even be a kind that you personally find distasteful, still serving it’s purpose, no matter how ugly or beautiful you find it to be. Love, I know love. And I feel it deep inside that love is the answer. Well that and 42. But love is how we fix it, granted it will always be balanced with hate, but that’s why you would try and tip the scales. I step away from what I know for a second to say that I believe that if we just cared about each other a little bit, and I’m not talking about your friends and family, I’m talking about just some random off the street. And not because their pretty or because the appear to you like they might bring something to your life, don’t pick and if you do pick the ugliest most pathetic specimen you can find. Give a fuck about him. I promise it would change the world, at least of two people but for those two people that could be enough. It makes both people happy to do something charitable, it’s dual rewarding, and sometimes life changing. You don’t know what people are gonna through, maybe that nice shit you did keep them from killing themselves, maybe it propelled them to doing great things. At the least it made them smile and we all could use to smile. Back on subject, the last thing I know is, those that aren’t willing, or are unable to adapt and change, will be devoured by the future. So to some all of this up, there is no life or death, this is just a big ass continuous loop. Around and around. Motherfucking groundhogs day. So if that’s true then nihilism is pretty on point and nothing really does matter. But I know love as well, so what the fuck. Is that just some fucked off situation, and we are it’s casualties of war? But intention and purpose are human traits, or true from has no conscious, it contains no soul, it’s just energy, a vibration, a hum. Oh, I know one more thing, I know God. Kick it with it all the time. So if everything is energy are we just different kinds of energy? No, stupid. Energy is energy. We’re just vibrations of that energy. So by this thought process, we are actually all the same, we are everything and everyone. We always have been and always will be and we have done this an infinite number of times, countless. So we’ve actually been each other. You did this shit to. You did that shit too. You been everyone and done everything a thousand times over. So be fucking nice. Stop being low rent motherfuckers, y’all are made from Motherfucking stardust, magical and shit. Act like it. But I’m just crazy so ignore me now like you do when we cross paths on the street. Nothing to see here folks. Just the Truth.

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