It’s been brutally hot on the west coast for the last week with temperatures averaging about 105° maybe hotter. Whatever the average is it’s hot as fuck. I think someone just told me it was raining and around 40° back in Colorado which isn’t quite average but in Colorado seasons change while you sleep, bipolar is what it is. It can, on say July 4th, be a beautiful day with a temperature around 80°, and still snow fat snowflakes that evening, it can do a quick switch on you if you’re not careful, that’s why people from Colorado almost always have multiple sets of clothing for varying degrees of weather, I mean they always have warm clothes because it can get cold fast. Pueblo is hot. It’s like a desert cesspool so it gets hot as fuck there, topping 100 all the time. But I can’t remember it being this hot there so this is all new. Not new bad either, I like the heat. I’m not real thrilled with the thought of losing weight because of how much I sweat but that’s what protein shakes are for. It’s almost overwhelmingly hot here, almost. The less clothes the better. An air conditioner in my opinion, an absolute must, without it, attempting to use two fans to make it bearable possibly even comfortable, isn’t really possible. The air conditioner barely is able to make it comfortable in my upstairs, converted attic, bedroom. It struggles to fight the hot wind seeping through into the house and barely gets that job done. One thing that does suck about this heat though is it is beating up on my weed plants. The two oldest are gonna be ok, they are some bad bitches so they will survive. But the two new plants that I got, Pineapple Express and Pure Kush, are having a rough time, especially the Pure Kush. I feel pretty good about the Pineapple Express managing to survive the heat, it could go either way, but the Pure Kush is probably hit. She’s just getting cooked. Her leaves are miscolored and blotchy from the burn she’s getting. She was undersized when I got her and I didn’t even give them time inside in the tent, I took both the new clones outside the day after I got them, so they were ill prepared for this heatwave. I might be back in the market for my fourth.

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