You can’t come where I’m going.

Some people just ain’t cut out for this shit. Actually most people aren’t cut out for it. And the fact that we’ve made it as far as we have with all the bullshit life has heaped in our path is down right amazing. This is a cold ass world that we’ve built with people more concerned with their smart phones then they are with the world around them. Compassion and humanity are slowly dying in front of our eyes as society continues its decay. Nobody cares about anybody like they used to. Everyday a wedge is hammered between us in one form or another be it politically, socially, racially, or economically as our fear and hate choke out any kind of chance we stand to fix this. The government propaganda campaigns and the government funded stimulations that have been shoved down our throats, force-fed to us in an attempt to steal are ability to think for ourselves, installing within us a need to go with the flow, to not rock the boat and to join the cookie cutter population of sheep, of slaves. Just drink the Kool Aid and go about your way, there’s nothing to see here. All of us are born with the knowledge of everything and from the day he are born until the day where they crush us as children with nos, and can’ts, and stops and impossible, restricting our potential and killing our magic. Then it’s off to school where they will be taught virtually nothing that they will actually be able to use in real life, instead being taught further the importance of popularity, and acceptance. Force feeding them the American dream, molding them into the sheep and slaves they will become. Then off to college so they can gain a huge debt due to school loans, putting them in the pockets of the financial institutions they now owe. Preparing them for their 9 to 5 existence for a corporation that neither needs not values you or the work you’re capable of doing. Putting into you 401k, signing a mortgage on an overpriced, poorly constructed home, where you’ll spend virtually your entire life trying to pay off, only to die a miserable death feeling unfulfilled and used. But at least there’s all that money you’ve saved over all the years of slave labor. To bad your worthless, ungrateful, family is going to become petty as fuck, fighting amongst each over who deserves what destroying whatever was actually there as a family relationship. And with your death you assume you will be, based on you basic goodness, allowed to enter heaven, but as the last breath escape your lungs your light and any hope of some fictional heaven fade away you final thought is that you’ve been tricked, that you have actually wasted your life in pursuit of a lie. And then flash, on to the next one, fresh restart from the beginning making your last life pointless and forgotten. I’m not going out like that. I will never conform to what someone determines is my best route, not unless I see it as my best route. I will not drink your bitter Kool-Aid, I will not buy into your faux American dream. I have zero urge to fit in or be normal. In fact I hold people who seek popularity and normalcy in contempt. I want to be socially acceptable like I want a hole in my head. I’m personally sickened by what our society has become, of what has become important to us as humans. Our quality of character has declined to such extremes that we walk right by people direly in mind of assistance as if they were invisible. We no longer try to build people up, opting instead to destroy/damage them because we are savages and it’s cool to be a savage. Or maybe it is actually insecurity that causes us to do this, fear that someone is going to look better then you or be loved more then you. Maybe you’re just a dick. Regardless we don’t give a shit about each other. 99% of the population’s word ain’t shit. They oftentimes have zero intention of doing what they said they’d do, simply needing you to do something for them and so manipulating you with the bullshit. The youth of our nation have got me worried as well, this is who we are gonna pass this shit off to? That’s the hope of our nation? Cause if it is we are fucked. Little motherfucking entitled fucks. No respect, very few even posses manners, spoiled, lazy little rats. Quick as fuck to tell on someone for pretty much anything, especially their parents if they try to discipline them. They are dumb as fuck, choosing to spend more time on snapchat or youtube then in furthering the knowledge and understanding of things. But that’s not what they think being convinced that they know everything and have everything figured out, that we as adults or even looked at as an elder have no idea. Claiming the difference in the times as the reason for being clueless in this scary new future. And it seems like everyone is just cool with this direction our humanity is taking, content to just sit back and watch as you’re enslaved and consumed by the monster you created. Reap what you sow motherfucker, reap what you sow.

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