But it ain’t snowing

It’s insanely hot on the west coast pretty much for the next week straight, with temperatures as high as 112° expected and an average of something ridiculous like 105°. Today it was 108° and it’s still 94° at 8:30 pm. I’m from the mountains of Colorado where 94° is considered a heatwave, so this shit is not what I’m used to. It’s so fucking hot, I’m sweating balls all day long which ain’t helping me in my attempt to gain weight at all but I don’t even really mind. It is damn close to unbearable but I actually kinda like it. It does make it a little harder to focus and I am a little more agitated overall, but I’ll take this shit over snow and being cold any day. I’ve spent close to 40 years being cold in a landscape covered in snow for 7 to 9 months of the year. It’s so fucking hot though. I had to get an air conditioner for my room because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be getting any sleep and wouldn’t be able to handle the oven that is my room without the air conditioner before 8:00/9:00 pm. I had a two fan system at first but that just didn’t cut it, it was still sweltering in there so the air conditioning was a must. I do wonder how this heat is affecting my weed plants though, I hope they are tough.

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