Music to soothe your soul.

I’m a punk rocker first and foremost. I will always love no talent, loud, fast, noises. With it’s angst filled, angry, fuck the system, mentality, how could I not like punk rock? But ever since I caught that head injury, EDM is where it’s at. Drum and bass, trapstep, dubstep, and pretty much everything after that, not before. Fuck house music. But electronic music is the truth. I mean, if nothing else, I’ll at least be able to communicate with the robots when they take over. The first time I ever heard EDM and liked it was some dubstepped out Slipknot song. The sounds that I heard, immediately making me think about shooting cocaine and the bells at the gates of hell, I fell straight in love. With the assistance of my 12″ subwoofer and it’s two little buddy amps, I and everyone in my general vicinity get to experience a lovely bass drop, I have many. Inside the truck is where it’s at though, with the subwoofer hitting so hard that it shakes your foundations, you are able to feel the bass inside of you. Erupting from you or through you. My shit is pretty loud. You can hear it inside the Dollar General if I leave it running while I run in the store. Like in the very back corner of the store you can still hear it, feel it almost. It pounds so hard that the vibrations shook my rearview mirror straight off the windshield. But I feel like I want it to be even louder so I’m currently in the process of shopping for a new set-up. I’m gonna replace the one 12″ sub with dual 12″ subs enclosed together, preferably with an amp in the 1000/1500 watt neighborhood, but if I can’t find what I want I still have 2 amps that push almost 1000 watts so with 2 12’s pushed by the 1000 that I got it will definitely be louder then just one 12. I don’t know if you have ever experienced EDM but if you haven’t, I highly suggest that you give it a shot. Try Zed’s Dead, Butch Clancy, Monxx, Skrillex, Dillon Francis, Allison in Wonderland, Nero, Excision, that’s a good place to start. I mean, at least you’ll be able to communicate with the robots when they take over.

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