Energy Transfer

So one of my dreams or goals, if you like, is to one day, manifest wings from my back and to use those wings to soar over the masses. At one time the delusion was more detailed and the wings were necessary because the world was being flooded and so the only way to survive was for you to fly, otherwise you’re ass was dead. Drowned. Something about everything being 75% water and the world reclaiming itself, wiping out humanity as it was known. In this dream, it’s up to me to save the world or to save our humanity and with water taking everything back, flooding the planet like in the bible, and with me forgetting to make the arc, the only place to go is up. Wings erupting from my back and beating furiously, pulling me skyward and away from the waters below. Witnessing my magic allowing others to recognize their own magic and that combined with the rising waters and inescapable death allow y’all to grow your own wings. Needless to say, I’ve gotten a hard time about this delusion, most people simply laughing it away, telling me I’m crazy. To which I tell them, “You won’t be saying that shit as I flap my wings and soar over all you motherfuckers on the ground.” Followed by, “This shit is gonna happen, as long as I can wrap my mind around it.” Which is my answer to most things. Nothing is impossible as long as you can wrap your mind around it. Prior to its creation, the 3D printer was impossible. The idea of taking stem cells, feeding them into some kind of machine, and then using that and making a biologically correct human foot, printing a biologically correct human foot, that shit was impossible. At least until dude wrapped his mind around it. The 3D printer is energy transfer. Use the transformed energy from the stem cells and voila, human foot, so logically the same could be done for my wings. I just need to transfer energy from something else to build my wings. I thought stem cells came from dead babies but apparently it can be farmed from your spine. Anyways I didn’t know about stem cells in your spine when I developed this delusion so my energy transfer would come from my eyes. I’d take my eyes and use the energy from them to build my wings. Why my eyes you might ask? Because your eyes are a fucking parasite. Someone please tell me why it is that from the day we’re born till the day we die we grow and change in size. Growing from a little baby that would fit inside your momma’s tummy to the full sized version that would not. Everything grows, your legs, your chest, your heart, your brain, lungs, arms. Everything. Except your eyes. Your eyes are the only thing that never changes size, never grow. The growth of a person’s eyes over their lifetime is so miniscule that it’s unnoticeable. Why is it that your eyes don’t grow? Because they aren’t a part of your body, they are a parasite added to us at birth to cage or control us. To harness our energy and to cage it. They always say some shit about the eyes too, like “Seeing is believing”, “The eyes are the window to the soul”, ect, ect. I can personally tell you that seeing is not believing, that I have in fact seen things that were absolutely not real, but my eyes would have me believing that they were. I feel that your eyes actually hinder you, they restrain you, and trick you. I believe that if we didn’t have our eyes to “See”, we would actually see a whole lot better.

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