A Friend with Weed

Farming and shit

Marijuana is and always will be my “drug” of choice. I started smoking weed when I was 8 years old, which yes I agree, is almost definitely to early an age to start for a normal person. But I’m not normal. And I’m barely a person. For me, weed is absolutely medicine. I do, of course, abuse my medication but what are you gonna do? That is not to say that is didn’t affect me and my childhood in a negative way because I’m sure that it did but at least it’s not crack. I’ve been to every kind of rehab known to man so yes I do understand that it “Stunted my growth” emotionally and socially. But you should of seen what I was running from. It was a fair trade. So now here I sit, in the future, and marijuana is pretty much legal anywhere you go and if it’s not it’s on its way. It is looked upon pretty favorably by society in general by Oregon especially so why wouldn’t I grow some weed? So far I have two plants, one a NYC diesel and the other one, Girl Scout cookies. I’d like to have four overall so I’m still searching for my other two. I’d really like to get Bruce Banner and Trainwreck for my other two but we’ll just have to wait and see. Way I see it is gardening is a pretty legit hobby to have. Positive and relatively safe, is seems like a great way to spend some extra time. Gets you outside and doing something. Gives me some kind of responsibility which I’m in short supply of, so that’s good. And free weed. Kinda. Definitely cheaper weed for sure. So there is 40 minutes taken care of, now what to do with my mind for the other 1400 that remain in the day still?

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