Living the Dream

My life hasn’t been the easiest. It hasn’t been puppy dogs and rainbows and shit. It’s been my experience that life isn’t fair and the world is a cold, unforgiving place full of suffering and pain. That’s not to say that my life has sucked, although it has at times, there have also been some really amazing, beautiful, magical moments throughout my life. I’ve met some of the coolest, most talented, kindest amazing people along the way. Relationships I will carry with me till the day this body rots away. People who have made a mark on my life, one way or the other. I’ve witnessed some truly magical shit on this journey, things that have inspired me and motivated me to be a better version of myself then I was yesterday. There have been plenty of good, happy, healthy experiences on this ride. Moments that I wouldn’t change for anything, that I’ll remember forever. Dreamlike moments that were, for the lack of a better explanation, absolutely perfect. I’ve loved and been loved by some great people, people who were way better then I deserved yet still hung around and kept me company. And I’ve had opportunity after opportunity to do pretty much whatever I wanted to do, or to be pretty much whoever I wanted to be. Even with all the negatives that I’ve had in my life, even with the rotten things that have happen, and the shitty people who have fucked me over, I really can’t deny that I have truly been blessed. The legit people that I do have in my life are so legit as to make the shittiness of the fuck heads null and void. Perception is a mean motherfucker and given the right perception, anything can be anyway you want it to be. Negatives can become positives. Things that hurt you and scar you, can instead become things that taught you and strengthened you. There really is a silver lining to everything if you know how to look, we just never really even try to look at things considered negative in anyway except negatively. Not sure if it’s a human thing or a society thing but we are addicted to negativity and drama. We pretend like we don’t enjoy it or need it in our lives but I call bullshit. Especially if it doesn’t directly point at us. If it’s happening to someone else, we love that shit, we eat it up. Negative shit happening to other people reminds us that it’s not happening to us which allows us a cleaner view of the positives in our lives because at least that shit that just befell John Doe over there, least that shit didn’t happen to us. Because it can always get worse. Believe you me, it can always get worse. So the fact that I’m still standing after all the shit that’s happened to me. The fact that I still have some fight left in me and that I’m not even all that close to wanting to quit. That says something. What exactly it says? No fucking idea, but it says something.

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