Fire Tornadoes sent from God

I would never tell you that being in my life was ever gonna be easy. And I can’t honestly tell you that it is even gonna be worth it. In fact I will guarantee problems. I’m not an easy person to deal with. I’m abrasive and unfiltered. Brutally raw. There will be problems. My middle name should have been Trouble cause I attract trouble like a turd attracts flies. Hard to tell how any of this will play out due to the chaos that always seems to be lurking around pretty much any corner. Things around here change super fast, whims cause worlds to collide and before you know it, upside down becomes right side up. Zig changes to zag and before you realize it, crash. Trainwreck. Let’s just assume that it will be a bumpy ride. This is no big secret. At some point back in the good old days I came to a fork. On one side was a peaceful meadow. A little creek. Some deer and rabbits and shit. On the other, a certain kind of darkness. A gloom. Strange sounds. Oddly glowing g eyes from animals just out of sight. And in the gloom, a big ass sign with bright, blinking, neon letters that spell out the words; Hard Road. Smiling like a drunken pirate, I stumble down into the gloom. Never looking back. I never even thought about taking the other road. It seemed dreadfully dull and to be honest it looked soft as fuck. Plus I wanted to see what kind of animals had eyes with that creepy glow. And the strange sounds faintly sounded like whispered promises. I like company on my travels so by all means, make yourself at home, but be warned; the fire tornadoes have been sent from God and they will leave a mark. Bet

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