I’m a flexible thinking type of guy. Basically I agree that something is true, only until it is proved that it’s not. With that being said, everything is actually just an illusion. If everything is flexible, therefore making nothing actually real, then everything has to be an illusion. Time is an illusion. Distance is just an illusion. Individuality isn’t real if we are actually just a little piece of everything, so that’s an illusion too. Life is an illusion if there is no death and if we are all just energy, just atoms firing upon each other, then, until this is proved to be wrong as well, energy can not be created or destroyed, it’s just always been. It can only be transformed. So if that’s true, which as far as I can tell, seems to be the only thing that is actually true in all this madness, if that’s true, there is no death, but if that’s true then that means the life is just an illusion as well because if you can’t die, how can you live? So that’s all illusion as well. The soul. Society. Religion. All illusions. Why? Unspent energy? Some conspiracy to harness our energy, locking us is into these meat puppets, to drain us like batteries. Like on the matrix? But then I trip over the nihilism, realizing that there is no why. Or if there is it doesn’t really matter because this is all just an illusion anyways, so fuck why. Then the enormity of these thoughts overwhelms me and I begin to question my sanity. Am I crazy? Is that it? Am I just crazy? But I don’t feel crazy, and going over all the madness I just spewed upon y’all, it looks legit, I mean, as crazy as it all sounds, it has a certain ring of truth to it, at least to me. So maybe I am just crazy. I mean if everything is just energy and energy can’t be destroyed, it has to be transformed. And if everything is just atoms firing upon each other then actually anything and everything is possible, because is all just energy transfer, all just atoms firing upon each other. Then it would actually make sense that I could actually, once I’ve gotten my mind wrapped around it, grow wings out of my motherfucking back and soar over the masses. I would just have to transfer the energy from something else in order to grow the wings. I actually believe that I’m gonna be able to do this, before it’s all said and done, I am pretty sure I’m gonna make this happen. That sounds pretty crazy right? So maybe y’all were right, maybe I am just crazy. I mean I’ve heard it enough over the years, it must be true. Right? Impossible things are proven possible all the time. What was crazy 20 years ago ain’t so crazy anymore. So if that’s true the I might be crazy now but you motherfuckers just wait, eventually…

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