The Curse

The Curse of indifference is exactly that. The need to be accepted can be an extremely powerful motivator, driving people to all kinds of impressive places. Driving them to do some pretty amazing things. So the knowledge that I’ll never feel that kind makes me feel like I got robbed. There is also security in numbers, safe in the illusion that being physically with someone and whole accepted is what’s required to not feel alone. In all reality you are part of everything and everything is part of you so you are never truly alone. And discovering the knowledge that nothing is actually real, everything is flexible and what at this moment is impossible, tomorrow might be a different story. 3D Printers. Get the fuck out of here. This thing somehow takes stem cells and through this 3D printer, out pops a foot. A fucking foot. Biologically correct, human fucking foot. Out of stem cells. What the fuck is a stem cell? Don’t that shit come from dead babies? And apparently it don’t. Turns out we can farm that shit out of your spine. So not long ago that shit would have got you laughed out the room, everyone concerned with your mental health. But now it’s just a thing. Crazy as fuck? Absolutely. Completely crazy as fuck but legit all the same. That shit is a real thing. So you’re telling me that some dude just woke up one morning and discovered whatever it was that it took to make this happen? Just put the pieces together and was like ah ha, I was right. And out pops a 3D printer which will eventually be shooting out human fucking feet. Get the fuck out of here. He didn’t discover or invent that, he remembered it. Same as all the other crazy as fuck things that have made impossible things possible. We are all connected as energy to everything else. All one. So if you are everything then you would know everything. Knowledge wouldn’t even be power anymore because it would be a given. In fact there would be no power, just current. No conscious thought because conscience is a human thing. It comes with the body. As does the illusion of a soul which is in fact only just a shared conscience. A web, built to restrain our energies. A trap. But don’t mind me, I’m just crazy. I’m just a highschool drop out with zero formal education, maybe doing numbers or reading but I learned more by doing them then I ever did by the words I heard. I can’t learn that way. It’s like Chinese. And I don’t speak Chinese. So in a sense I am completely self-taught. Stubbornly learning everything in absolutely the hardest way possible. Through experience. I could’ve stopped going to school after second grade cause that’s probably the last important part of the education I received from attending school, that’s it. Everything after that was all completely social. That’s not to say that knowledge isn’t power. Although it isn’t.

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