I like this bridge

I fucking hate court. I’ve been going to court since I was 12 years old, with the majority of those judgements against me and not for me so needless to say, I’m not a fan. The last two times I went to prison I legitimately begged the judge for help, claiming all of the problems I’ve got and requesting help to fix them or at least adjust them a little, so I can try to save out of prison. They told me to fuck off, maxing me out the first time and giving me 30 out of 36 months on the last one, that judge actually claiming that he had no choice. He informed me that once you have one felony in Colorado you are no longer eligible for probation. What? And when did they pass this law because I’ve never heard anything about it prior to that. How is it that a drug addicted, piece of shit, high school drop out, criminal knows more about the law then a judge. Anyways, they have never tried to rehabilitate me. Not one time. Even as a child they would bash me out. Pointing the finger at me and exclaiming that almost every other kid that went to court in Summit was banned from associating with me. They never said that I couldn’t hang out with someone it was always them who couldn’t hang out with me. I didn’t even know most of those kids and I wasn’t involved in their crimes whatsoever. But still I got blamed. I was a scapegoat for a bunch of people growing up, anybody that could save themselves by throwing me under the bus didn’t hesitate to do it. And their parents were more then willing to buy it cause nobody wants their kid to be a fuck up. I have never had anything even close to a second chance. I’m not sure if I even got the first. I just really don’t like court, so much in fact that I have a problem with getting myself to actually go. At last count I had over 50 failure to appears. Over 50. I’ve crazily got probably 8 to 10 pr bonds and I ran on every single one of them. Even if court is nothing to worry about I still have a problem going. I just hate that shit. And you’d think I’d be over it what with all of the times I’ve gone to court but I’m not. So anyways, I caught a case pretty much as soon as I moved to Oregon. Like 3 weeks. I’m sure most of you are thinking it must have been drug related but you’d actually be wrong. No I got arrested for possession of a concealed weapon. The weirdo asked me if I had bombs or nukes in my pocket and it threw me off so it didn’t even register that I had my switchblade in my pocket and that he might not like it. It’s all just a racket anyways, just another way to steal money from American citizens. The whole thing reeked of extortion from the charge to the fact that they actually arrested me just to take me to jail, dress me into county duds and then immediately release me. They did that so they could say I was in their jail which they get paid for. Why not just give me a summons? Cause booking me in guarantees them the $80 or whatever Oregon pays to house inmates. They did give me my paperwork which told me about when and where to go to court but I was pissed so I crumbled it up and threw it in their face. Not the best idea cause I had no idea when I had to go to court and I wasn’t trying to miss it and get a warrant for some dumb shit. There’s no court docket thing online here in Oregon, I eventually got the information from a pig at the jail, who informed me that court was on May 11th and so I already got a warrant. Motherfucker. There’s 2 things I can do, I can run and let them catch me, which is my normal answer to this situation, or I can go to the courthouse this morning as soon as it opens and try to explain to the judge what happened, praying he don’t throw me in jail. I don’t like either option. But I guess since I’m trying to build a life here I need to start doing things I don’t normally do and so here in an hour I will head over to court and see what’s what. I hope these motherfuckers don’t throw me in jail.

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